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GST Suvidha Center


What is GST – Introduction

The One Hundred and Twenty Second Amendment (122nd) to the Constitution in 2014 brought GST to the fore. It seek to facilitate the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India. The amendment(s) conferred powers to the Parliament and state legislatures to make laws to levy GST on the supply of goods and services on the same transaction.

Why GST is introduced ?

GST aims to end multiplicity of taxes. Before the implementation of GST, different taxes at various levels were charged, like entry tax levied on the entry of goods in local areas. This led to a complex, indirect tax structure full of hidden costs which eventually ended up burning a hole through the pockets of business owners while also giving them mental trouble of having to deal with and maintain records of multiple taxes. GST aimed to end that.

What is the GST Structure ?

The proposed dual GST aims to tax a taxable event simultaneously by the Centre and State(s). So, the Centre, as well as the States will be empowered to levy GST, right from the manufacturing stage to the end of the line at the consumption stage. It will be ensured that GST will only be charged on the component addition at each stage, ensuring no ‘tax on tax’ in the country.

The benefits of GST

GST aims to simplify the indirect tax structure in the country. It also aims to make the industry more competitive, domestically and internationally, by effectively reducing the cost of production and consequently the inflation in the economy.
GST will result in far better tax compliance than the country has ever seen due to a robust IT infrastructure. In order to incentivize tax compliance by the business owners, seamless transfer of input credit tax from one stage to another will be done in the chain of value addition.

School Management Software

Students, Teachers, Accounts, Examination and Inventory details available at a click

Our school management software is designed to simplify administrative, academic and financial management in schools. The desktop application helps schools streamline different processes by offering a range of modules to make it is easy for schools to function and operate without increasing their overheads.

Each module is designed keeping different activities in mind and this makes our school management software extremely comprehensive, covering areas, such as attendance, admission, evaluations and examinations, very accurately.

Core Modules :

Admission Management :

Admission management is one of the most important administrative tasks undertaken by schools. In majority of schools, this management is labor intensive and inefficient. When our module is used, it makes it a web-based procedure which is user-friendly and helps to streamline the admission process.

Student data can be stored online and offline in a customized format. The software allows the school to assign roll numbers, issue identity cards and complete all formalities for admission effortlessly. It allows the admission team to work proficiently and productively, while allowing school authorities to track student data seamlessly.

Student Information :

All academic and non-academic elements can be stored and tracked here. It allows the school to monitor student performance, disciplinary actions, fees payable and even medical history.

Examination Management :

Examinations are hectic and tedious for the staff as well as students. This module helps teachers to create single or cumulative examination reports, questions banks, schedule examinations, analyse scores and create questions papers using the question bank.

Timetable Management :

When timetables are created, educators have to take into account syllabus, number of working hours, optional subjects and faculty availability. This module allows school to design timetables taking all these parameters into consideration and helps save time and effort.

Fee Management :

The module allows schools to keep track of past, present and future fee billing and payments, fee cancellation, refunds, advance fee collection, conveyance payments, exam fees, cafeteria payments and receipt printing. There is also a way to send reminders to parents about upcoming or late payments.

Payroll Management :

It ensures all staff members are paid correctly and on time each month by taking into consideration their bonus and deductions. It can be customized to include basic pay, advance taken, loans taken, bonuses, unpaid leave taken, housing allowance, gratuity and statutory deductions.

Staff Information :

Easy to get information of the workforce, issue identity cards, keep track of vacancies, schedule interviews, shortlist potential candidates, promotions and performance analyser.

Attendance Management :

It allows school to track a student’s daily, weekly and monthly attendance and absenteeism. If a student is absent, an automatic alert can be sent to parents. It also allows schools to schedule holidays. The module can be integrated with biometric scanners or student ID card to make attendance management and tracking easier.

Why Choose Our School Management Software?

Our school management software can help schools streamline all their administrative and non-administrative tasks by automating many processes. This allows more productive and effective use of manpower, allowing the school to meet its objectives.


What is e-Commerce?

e-Commerce, also known as e-Business, or electronic business, is simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium, like the Internet. It also involves electronically transferring data and funds between two or more parties. Simply put, it is online shopping as we commonly know it.

e-Commerce started way back in the 1960s when organizations began to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to transfer documents of their business back and forth. The 1990s saw the emergence of online shopping businesses, which is quite a phenomenon today. It has become so convenient and easy, that anyone can shop for anything right from a living room, with just a few clicks. This has evolved more with the emergence of smartphones, where now, you can shop from anywhere and anytime, with a wireless device connected to the Internet. Now you can search for almost any product or service online, without having to go anywhere physically.

What is an eCommerce website?

eCommerce websites are online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the Internet. In the early days, e-Commerce was done partially through emails and phone calls. Now, with a single website, anything and everything that a transaction needs, can be executed online.

There are different e-Commerce websites for every field. The most common type is retail selling, but there are many others too, like auction websites, business-to-business services, music portals, consultancy websites, finance management websites, and the like.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce simply means buying and selling of goods, done by customers using their mobile devices.
With mobile devices taking over the planet, quite literally everyone uses their mobile devices more often than their laptops or desktops – to browse the internet. There has been a huge increase in transactions done via mobile devices in the last few years – so the benefits of mobile commerce are significant.

Different Types of eCommerce Websites

Different e-commerce websites are labeled or referred to differently, based on the function they fulfill.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies and consumers.
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): Electronic transactions of goods and services between consumers, mostly through a third party.
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B): Electronic transactions of goods and services where individuals offer products or services to companies.
  • Business-to-Administration (B2A): Electronic transactions of goods and services between companies and public administrations.
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A): Electronic transactions of goods and services between individuals and public administrations.

Importance of e-Commerce

With the use of mobile devices and laptops increasing every day, there are a lot of advantages of e-commerce like –

  • Global market reach
  • A global choice for consumers
  • Short product/service distribution chain
  • Lesser costs and pricing

Disadvantages of e-Commerce

And there are some risks too with e-commerce

  • Fraud and online insecurity
  • Data privacy issues
  • No testing or checking of services or goods
  • Dependence on electronic technologies

What Makes a Good e-Commerce Website?

If you are looking to start and e-Commerce website, there are a few things that you need to understand and keep in mind to be successful in the game. Make no mistake, there are many online shopping websites out there, and the top few are such great brands that they control most of the market share.

Customize Software

Features of Customized software:

  • Designed specifically:Customized software is designed especially for your company or organization.
  • Incorporate features: It can incorporate features from other software
  • Flexible: Customized software is flexible in nature.
  • Upgrade able: It is upgrade able.
  • Standard development tool:Built with industry-standard development tools.






Services Bronze SEO Silver SEO Gold SEO Plantinum
Number Of Keywords Upto 5 Upto 10 Upto 20 Upto 60
Recommended SEO Time Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
On-Page Optimization
Optimizing Title Tag 7 Web Pages 15 Web Pages 25 Web Pages 80 Web Pages
Optimizing Meta Tag 7 Web Pages 15 Web Pages 25 Web Pages 80 Web Pages
Keyword Management YES YES YES YES
H1 / H2 / H3 tag Optimization YES YES  


Anchor tag Optimization YES                  YES YES YES
Image Tag Optimization YES YES YES YES
SEO Friendly URL Optimization YES YES YES YES
Content Optimization YES YES YES YES
W3C Validation YES YES YES YES
Sitemap Implementation and Analysis YES YES YES YES
Robot.txt Implementation YES YES YES YES
Google Analytics Setup YES YES YES YES
Website Speed Analysis YES YES YES YES
Internal Web Page Linking YES YES YES YES
Daily Content Update NO YES YES YES
Off-Page Optimization
Manual Directory Submission 50 100 200 300
Social Bookmarking 10 15 25 60
Manual Classified Ad Posting 10 15 25 60
Blog Submission NO YES YES YES
Blog Creation NO YES YES YES
Google Local Listing YES YES YES YES
Article Submission 10 15 25 60
Forum Posting NO YES YES YES
Video Optimization NO NO 2 2
Facebook Fan Page Creation NO YES YES YES
Facebook Page Banner Design NO YES YES YES
Facebook Like Integration NO YES YES YES
Twitter Account Creation NO YES YES YES
Twitter Page Banner Design NO YES YES YES
SEO/Analysis Report
Monthly Work Report YES YES YES YES
Monthly Google Analytics Report NO YES YES YES
Customer Support
Telephone NO YES YES YES
Skype / Gtalk YES YES YES YES
SEO packages Price USD
$85 $150 $299 $699
SEO packages Price   Rs. 6000 10500 21000 49000


Bulk SMS

Web Designing




Services :


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Bulk SMS, Voice Call, Tollfree Number, Virtual Receptionist (IVR), Missed Call Service

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1             Android, IOS, Blackberry App Development Rs 36,118

2             Cross Platform Mobile App Development Rs 43,176

3             Dynamic responsive website with CMS and admin panel Rs 27,847

4             Magento E-Commerce Development Rs 43,918

5             Open Cart E-Commerce Development Rs 39,659

6             Prestashop E-Commerce Development Rs 43,918

7             WordPress E-commerce Development Rs 38,659

8             E-Commerce Multi-Vendor in WordPress Rs 61,176

9             E-Commerce Multi-Vendor in Magento Rs 99,412

10           Portal Development

1             Tour travel Rs 38,706

2             Healthcare Rs 37,647

3             Real Estate Rs 38,706

4             Automotive Rs 55,294

5             E learning Rs 37,647

6             Manufacturing Rs 65,294

7             Job Portal Rs 54,706

8             Matrimonial Rs 49,294

9             Business Directory Rs 41,176

11           1-month SEO packages for 10 keywords:  Rs 18,000

12           1-month SEO packages for 30 keywords:  Rs 30,000

13           Bulk Email Marketing

a             80,000 Bulk Email 1 Month: Rs 7,252

b             3,00,000 Email 1 Month: Rs 9,529

c             25,00,000 Email 1 Month: Rs 22,588

14           Bulk SMS Marketing

a             Promotional Bulk 1,00,000 SMS: Rs  Rs 15,000

b             Transactional Bulk 1,00,000 SMS: Rs 13,000

Note : GST 18% Extra.

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